Upcoming Schedule

All dates are Saturdays:

10/14/2023CMFATom MacklinChris Liakos & Bobby Scott
10/28/2023CANCELLED! Go to Monster Mash at River Falls Lodge instead!
11/11/2023CMFA       Joel Wilder       ContraCola Open Band
12/09/2023CMFAKenny GreerEvil Twins

Stay tuned for schedule updates!

Most Recent Events

09/23/2023CMFAStephanie MarieSherlock's Meow
09/09/2023CMFAKenny GreerTea & Whiskey
08/26/2023CMFALesly BowersSquare Root
08/12/2023CMFAChris HernandezBlue Ridge Rounders
07/22/2023CMFATom MacklinChris Liakos & Bobby Scott
06/24/2023CMFAChris HernandezMarshall Goers & Lucy Allen
06/10/2023CMFAJoel WilderChris Liakos & Bobby Scott
05/27/2023CMFAStephanie MarieSherlock's Meow
05/13/2023Lake MurrayKenny GreerDavid White & Becky Stovall
04/22/2023CMFAJoel WilderChris Liakos & Bobby Scott
04/08/2023CMFATom MacklinBlue Ridge Rounders
03/25/2023CMFAJoel WilderSherlock's Meow
03/11/2023CMFAKenny GreerMarshall Goers & Chris Liakos
02/25/2023CMFATom MacklinTea & Whiskey
02/11/2023CMFAJoel WilderSherlock's Meow
01/28/2023CMFAStephanie MarieBlue Ridge Rounders
01/14/2023CMFAJoel WilderChris Liakos & Bobby Scott
12/03/2022CMFAKenny GreerRecorded
11/05/2022CMFAKenny GreerRecorded
10/22/2022CMFAVictor GascónChris Liakos & Marshall Goers
10/08/2022CMFAKenny GreerRecorded
09/17/2022CMFAKenny GreerRecorded
08/27/2022Lake MurrayKenny GreerMarshall Goers & Lucy Allen

Please refer to our "Previous Events" page for older dates.

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