Previous Events

The following is a list of previous events. We will add photos to this list as they become available.

9/20/2014 Cabin Fever Marolyn Floyd
10/11/2014 Hey For Four Lesly Bowers
11/15/2014 The Unusual Suspects Gretchen Caldwell
12/13/2014 BonneTerre Victor Gascón
1/17/2015 Good Foot Kenny Greer
2/21/2015 Eric the Cat Marolyn Floyd
3/21/2015 ContraForce Kenny Greer
4/11/2015 BonneTerre Lesly Bowers
4/25/2015 Skeezix Victor Gascón
5/16/2015 Cabin Fever Victor Gascón
6/20/2015 Cabin Fever Gretchen Caldwell
7/18/2015 Recorded music Caller's Collective
8/15/2015 Recorded music Caller's Collective
9/19/2015 Good Foot Jacob LeGrone
10/17/2015 TBA Victor Gascón
11/21/2015 Cabin Fever Marolyn Floyd
12/19/2015 Peanuts & Garlic Stephanie Marie
1/16/2016 Bonne Terre Kenny Greer
2/20/2016 Wolf Moon Jacob LeGrone
3/19/2016 Good Foot Victor Gascón
4/16/2016 Cabin Fever Marolyn Floyd
5/21/2016 Bonne Terre Kenny Greer
6/18/2016 Skeeziks Stephanie Marie
7/16/2016 Techno Contra Victor Gascón
8/20/2016 Groove Contraption George Segebade
9/17/2016 Foot Spring Kenny Greer
10/15/2016 Contra Force Victor Gascón
11/19/2016 Cabin Fever Natalie Weston
12/17/2016 Wolf Moon Clinton Ross
1/21/2017 Bonne Terre Dean Hooks
2/18/2017 The Battleaxe Band Jennie Wakefield
3/18/2017 Cabin Fever Victor Gascón
4/15/2017 Good Foot Stephanie Marie
5/20/2017 The Contrarians Dean Snipes
6/17/2017 Bonne Terre Kenny Greer
7/15/2017 Techno Contra Victor Gascón
8/19/2017 Foot Spring Natalie Weston
9/16/2017 C Liakos & Friends Victor Gascón
10/21/2017 Wolf Moon Jonathan Janzen
11/18/2017 BonneTerre Victor Gascón, Natalie Weston, Jonathan Janzen
12/16/2017 Bob & Amy Buckingham Dean Hooks
1/20/2018 Tea & Whiskey Gretchen Caldwell
2/17/2018 Nic Coker & George Paul Victor Gascón
3/17/2018 Cabin Fever Jonathan Janzen
4/21/2018 Contra Force Victor Gascón
5/19/2018 BonneTerre Kenny Greer
6/16/2018 Unbalanced Jonathan Janzen
7/21/2018 Recorded music Callers' workshop with Kenny Greer, experienced dancers needed