Monday, July 20, 2015

Next Contradance - Saturday, August 15, 2015

 August 15 - dancing to recorded music; caller(s) TBA

Please note that these summer dances (at least for 2015) will be to recorded music and not to a live band. With their permission, we will be using music from  Charleston's own ContraForce​, so it will be a quality program that we can all have fun to!

Special Monthly Dance
New Dancer's Workshop with our caller, from 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Learn Contra dance basics for a more enjoyable experience.
Dance from 8 PM. – 10:30 PM

Emerald Ballbroom
1333 Omarest Drive
Columbia, SC 29210

Please bring clean, soft-soled, non-marking shoes. Thanks!

Find us on Facebook at Columbia Traditional Music and Dance and also Twitter @Contracola

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Dances Are Here!

Hi dancers!

The ContraCola group is having summer dances at our new location because it offers a nice, air-conditioned dance facility.


  • July 18th, 2015 (dancing from 8 - 10:30 PM)
  • August 15th, 2015 (dancing from 8 - 10:30 PM)

Here are some features for these dances:
  • In order to save money, we will use recorded music (at least during 2015). With their permission, we will be using music from  Charleston's own ContraForce​, so it will be a quality program that we can all have fun to!
  • There will not be a door person collecting money — we will use an honor system to collect donations to cover expenses.
  • Dances will be on a donation basis, with a $5 minimum donation suggested. The money will be used to pay for the dance hall and to offset the losses the group experienced over the last few months.
  • Prior to each dance, we will have a Caller's Workshop (please see details below)
  • Caller: we will have a caller or callers in an open-mic format. 

Optional Caller's Workshop

In an effort to improve the availability of local callers, we will offer a caller's workshop led by Kenny Greer and Victor Gascón. This will be a donation-based workshop to cover some of Kenny's travel expenses.

July Workshop: Basics of Calling

6 - 8 PM: This workshop will cover the essentials of calling Contra dances: structure of dance music, teaching dance moves, easy and complex dances, basic of working with a band, and time for actual practice. Any caller will then have the opportunity to call at least one dance during the event.

August Workshop: Intermediate Skills

6 - 8 PM: Among the things we will cover are planning an event (what dances to choose, in what order, etc.), making adjustments (working with different crowd experience levels and different bands), and practice time. Callers can then participate in an open-mic format during the dance.