Saturday, February 23, 2019

March Dance Cancelled!

Dear Columbia Contra Community:

The owner of our current dance venue, Blue Moon Ballroom, has informed us that he cannot honor his previous commitment to rent the space to us on any Saturday.

After some exhaustive search for a new venue for the March dance, we have made the painful decision to cancel the March event. We are very sorry for this cancellation. Our intent is to resume dancing in April.

The Board is actively seeking a new location that we can afford and that meets the requirements for a safe and enjoyable Contra dance. We could use your help!

We need a space approximately 48 by 88 feet with a leveled wooden floor, that can safely and comfortably accommodate 60-100 dancers. There should be no columns for the dancers to run into as they are moving across the dance floor and some chairs should be available around the perimeter of the room. The location must have access to bathroom facilities, and we would prefer having a water fountain for dancers. Finally, there should be adequate and safe parking available for everyone at the dance.

Please let us know through our Facebook page if you have any leads on a suitable location. Thanks!

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