Friday, April 19, 2019

Dance Schedule

Please refer to our "Previous Events" page for older dates.

8/17/2019 Chris Liakos & John Wetzel Jonathan Janzen
9/21/2019 BonneTerre Natalie Weston
10/19/2019 Gaelstorm Kenny Greer
11/16/2019Chris Liakos & John Wetzel Stephanie Marie
12/21/2019 Techno [no band] Jonathan Janzen
1/18/2020 TBD Kenny Greer
2/15/2020 Bonne Terre Natalie Weston
3/21/2020 TBD Jonathan Janzen
4/18/2020 Gaelstorm Stephanie Marie
5/16/2020Marshall Goers & Lucy Allen Rebecca Vickers
6/20/2020 Tea and Whiskey TBD
7/18/2020 TBD TBD